Wirtshaus Dum


The Weingartners' "Sgraffito" house has a long history behind it. The oldest portion of the house dates back to the 13th century. The "sgraffito" on the facade has been dated to 1560, and was not always visible. Today it appears that the scenes depicted are from the Old Testament and lay hidden for some 200 years. For whatever reason - perhaps fashion? - they were painted and plastered over and were forgotten in the course of the ensuing two centuries.

In 1961, Alarich Weingartner uncovered the "sgraffito" in preparation for a planned whitewash of the facade. He took the black-and-white flecks to an expert, who immediately identified the material as sgraffito. The Weingartner family had the historic facade laid bare and restored, and now these protected figures and decorations may be appreciated in all their glory.
Goldene Kugel